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Are there any 2D frameworks like FlashPunk or Flixel for Unity (C#)? I know Unity has native 2D support now, but I don't know how far that goes as far as functionality. I'd love something with basic functionality like the above libraries, that I could use with a 2D Unity project. Anyone know of any popular ones?

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I find the biggest limitation of Unity in terms of 2d is with vector graphics. Unity's native 2d set is pretty darn good if you have bitmap graphics(and there are several 2D libraries on the asset store -- but I can't comment on how good those are). There is a plugin called Rage Spline that gives you the ability to do vector graphics, but I haven't used it and I'm not even sure if its still updated and compatable with the latest version of Unity (I only remember it from when Unity 3.x was out -- haven't heard anything about it since).

Since you mention flashpunk and flixel I'd assume you don't really need vector graphics -- In which case I'd recommend just using native Unity 2d tools... If there's a particular feature not available in the native tools chances are there is an asset for it on the asset store that will do the job nicely(a simple search for 2D brings up plugins for things like 2D volumetric lights, a 2D navmesh system, tile mapping tools, a 2D terrain system, etc -- although I've not used most of these, many of them have great reviews).

Also worth mentioning is NGUI, which I own and can say is the best solution I've found  for making user interfaces... Though I've heard some people prefer Daikon Forge GUI(haven't tried it myself). But with that said Unity is releasing a new built in GUI system in 4.6 which is based heavily off of NGUI and looks pretty sweet.

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Thanks for all of the info, good stuff.

I saw some of the early UI stuff when I was out in Seattle, and it looked great - they recently said it'll be released in 4.6 (I believe that's the next version).

I never really thought to check out the asset store to see what free 2D tools people had made, as I for whatever reason always associate the store with graphical assets, which is just silly.

I have an idea I want to prototype, I think I'll play around with some of what you mentioned.

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