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Google / Twitch thread here:

Anyone here stream (or have a favorite streamer) on  I just got a PS4, which makes streaming ridiculously simple, so I've started dabbling.

The mega-popular games seem to all be PC, though.  It would be fun to see a Flash game streamer gimmick for a charismatic gentleman or lady out there.

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I'm a fairly casual stream watcher. The only streamer I really find myself watching a lot is Siglemic (when running Mario 64). Such a blast to watch. And sometimes I'll stream from my PS4 when my buddy and I play co-op on FIFA.

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Ah hard to pick... been watching Twitch on and off for 4 years and follow a lot of people as it depends on what game they're playing as to if I'll watch... But here's a few.

DansGaming - Plays a wide variety of different game genres. Funny guy.
MonotoneTim - Started watching him via his charity ExtraLives streams. Plays classics and obscure stuff. Funny friendly commentator. Does crazy stuff sometimes like playing Vice City blindfolded.
NorthernLion Super Show (NLSS) - Recently discovered these guys and they're great fun to watch.
PsychoticGaming - Another fun group of gamers.

Hilarious commentaries:
UnsanityLive, Byzehg, BrownPantsGaming
Friendly fun:
WhenChuckAttacks, Riccio, Bondjuan, Ariablarg
Representing the Brits!!
Spamfish, Forlornsc, Celgaming, Cous, Jasix

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I find for myself that the game drives my interest more than the streamer.  I've watched a lot of speedrunners who aren't particularly talkative just to see them break one of my favorite games (like stivitybobo with Banjo Kazooie or adam_ak's Vice City attempts).  

But mostly I follow the professional eSports scene.  I used to watch a ton of Starcraft Brood War, and now I'm on a big Dota 2 kick leading up to The International 4.  They've really stepped up the production values on these tournaments.   

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In my case I tend to switch off without commentary. But I don't follow competitive tournaments or speedruns where the focus is on player skill, so I can understand the game being the most important thing there.

I mainly watch stuff that makes me laugh even if there is no skill involved. Some games I'm not keen on or can't watch because of spoilers. But other than that I'll watch a streamer I follow even if they're playing Farming Simulator 2013 because of the entertainment their personality injects into it. Also since I often put Twitch streams on in the background whilst I'm doing other things, that makes the commentary all the more important for me.

It just goes to show Twitch offers something for everyone Sealed

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I guess this would be a good place to stick this:

Drop us a follow, and you'll get an invite to join us for our Thursday Game Nights!

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On May 20, 2014, FGL_Brian said:

But mostly I follow the professional eSports scene.  I used to watch a ton of Starcraft Brood War,

Those were the days! Sadly SC2 never became as interesting for me and Dota 2 needs you to be familiar with every hero/build in order to be interesting, and never having played it I'm not hooked ...

Other than that, I watch the Vods from (A/S)GDQ with my favourite runners being Cyghfer, Funkdoc, Siglemic, Cosmo and some others.

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