[Entries] $500 Week Long Game Jam - Ends May 31st

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This thread will be unlocked at the start of the Game Jam!

Please post your entries for the $500 Week Long Game Jam in this thread.



Contest Rules:

    • Game entry must be visible to all users with a Community Level of at least 1. (share your work!)
    • 1 week to create a game
    • Game must work on fgl.com or fgl's mobile app (game can be mobile or web)
    • The theme needs to be central to the game. We mean it.
    • Please do not submit your game for approval until the game and judging is finished! You are unlikely to sell licenses to a prototype in the Bidding Marketplace. Your game will be disqualified from this contest if you break this rule.


No more than 1 week after the theme is announced, participants will upload their entries to FGL and post a link in this thread. Any game entered or altered after the 1 week is up will be disqualified.

How To Enter:

  1. Upload your entry to FGL

  2. Post the link to your entry on this thread.

  3. List any libraries and/or tools you used in the creation of your entry.

  4. Entry thread will be locked at end of competition so allow for uploading and posting time.

Please post your entry in the following format:

Title: Contain Him!

Instructions: WASD/Arrows

3rd Party Libraries: Box2D

Programming language used: AS3 (AS2 / AS3 / HTML5 / Unity / APK / iOS)

Link: http://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?game_id=xxxx


    • Judging will be done by FGL staff.
    • Winners will be announced when judging is complete.(usually by the following Friday)
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Title : Die FOr Energy

controls : Arrow key : UP to fly 

programming language used : AS3

url : https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33623

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Title: Joust World

controls: Space bar.



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Title: Captain FlameThrower visits the Children's Hospital

Controls: Arrows and Spacebar

url:  https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33643

Programs used: Audacity, multimedia fusion 2 dev, Flash, Photoshop

posted 2014-05-29T14:38:15-07:00

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Title: Toast Torcher

Instructions: Left and Right Mouse -- see interactive tutorial ingame

3rd Party Libraries: Unity, NGUI (a unity gui plugin), cgtextures.com (for bread image)

Programming language used: C#(Unity)


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Title: Pants on Fire

Instructions: up, down arrow

3rd Party Libraries: Flash

Programming language used: AS3

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33662

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Title:Burn the Monsters
Instructions: Mouse click (or touch) on the arrow to start burning
3rd party libraries: Construct 2
programming language used: Construct 2 event system
link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33667

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Removed by original poster.

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Title: Burning Scarecrow

Instructions: Left Button Mouse

3rd Party Libraries: Stencyl 3.2

Programming language used: AS3

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33685

posted 2014-05-31T14:45:45-07:00

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Title: Fire!

Instructions: Click once to drop the ball. When it's falling click near it to push. Or pray. :)

3rd Party Libraries: Construct 2

Programming language used: HTML5

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33686

posted 2014-05-31T14:47:16-07:00

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Title: Mr Hairburn

Instructions: Place bombs near Mr Hairburn to bomb him into the water

3rd Party Libraries: Construct 2

Programming language used: Html5

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?game_id=33690

posted 2014-05-31T16:32:10-07:00

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Title: Instantaneous Combustion Syndrome

Instructions: WSAD/Arrows to move, Spacebar to interact with objects. ESC for pause menu

3rd Party Libraries: -

Programming language used: ActionScript 3

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?game_id=33692

posted 2014-05-31T16:45:51-07:00

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Title: Fire Squad

Instructions: Click/Tap to move your fire fighters, switch them and perform actions like putting out fire and carrying victims. Drag to look around.

3rd Party Libraries: Construct 2

Programming language used: HTML5

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33688

posted 2014-05-31T16:51:46-07:00

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Title: Sacrifire

Instructions: WASD/Arrows and mouse

3rd Party Libraries: None

Programming language used: AS3

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33624

posted 2014-05-31T17:36:06-07:00

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Title: Save Thy Totem

Instructions: Click or Tap to pop Water Sprites

3rd Party Libraries: Construct 2

Programming language used: HTML5

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33693

posted 2014-05-31T17:53:25-07:00

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Title: Burning Defense

Instructions: Drag to move the camera. Mouse wheel to zoom. Click on buildings and click on terrain to build

3rd Party Libraries: Unity

Programming language used: C#

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?game_id=33691

posted 2014-05-31T18:09:21-07:00

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Title: Sparky!

Instructions: WASD/Arrows

3rd Party Libraries: HaxeFlixel

Programming language used: Haxe

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33695

posted 2014-05-31T19:02:55-07:00

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Title: Brave moustached firefighters

Instructions: Mousedown/mousemove on screen to move the brave moustached firefighters left and right

3rd Party Libraries: Box2D, Starling

Programming language used: AS3

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33698

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Title: Escape from the Aquarium

Instructions: Arrows / space, r to reset level

3rd Party Libraries: Gamemaker: Studio

Programming language used: GML/HTML5

Link: https://www.fgl.com/view_game.php?from=dev&game_id=33699

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Burning Cooking Passion Pro


A/Left - Eggs on/off
W/Up - Toast on/off
D/Right - Bacon on/off

3rd Party Libraries:


Programming language used:




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