Approval Time for Gamer Safe?

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Hi, does anyone from FGL can explain to me how long do we have to wait for approval to integrate Gamer Safe system to the game? I only want to use leaderboard and hopefully achievement to distribute the game to FGD. It's been more than 4 days and it's taking too much time to wait. Setting up this thing in the game is easy but your guys need to improve on approval process time.

Is there any guidelines that we can follow to expedite the process? I get the feeling only a developer runs the whole operation of GamerSafe which explain the slow approval time but I could be wrong. I'm willing to pay to use this system if you guys make it complete eg add analytics and desktop/mobile support.

I definitely want to integrate this but this is taking too much time to wait. I'll probably experiment with other system as well (eg Flox, Google Play Game Services, scoreoid).

posted 2014-05-06T09:11:36-07:00

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GamerSafe is generally a pretty fast approval process, sorry about that.

I believe we're currently in the middle of changing a few things pertaining to our backend and GamerSafe, which is likely causing the delay. I'll look into this to confirm, but your game should be approved shortly.

posted 2014-05-06T17:46:28-07:00 | edited 2014-05-06T17:46:38-07:00

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Hello there!

Apologies for the delay in getting your game approved. We do try to approve/reject GamerSafe games within 3 days of requesting approval. In this case it looks like your game was actually approved yesterday. :)

In the future, if you're concerned about your approval delays, the best way to expedite the process is actually to submit a ticket here or email us at

Good luck!

posted 2014-05-06T20:19:43-07:00

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Thanks for the approval, guys. The e-mail that notify about the approval is caught by spam filter so I don't properly receive the notification. I have to dig the spam section to find the e-mail. Sorry for the noise. In the future, I'll submit a ticket when there's a problem. Keep up the good work!

posted 2014-05-06T21:47:22-07:00