Wish list: one score entry per player & better scoreboards tools

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Many of my games are very short in play time (athletics games like javelin, long jump) and as all scores by a single player/name are accepted, the scoreboards are quickly flooded. Often by one player only.

This, of course, makes the scoreboards less than useful for other players so I  would really like the option to only allow one score per name per board.

As of now, my option is to manage it manually but that is really not managable at all. For every score entry to delete I have to:

1. click "remove score"

2. click "yes" to accept

3. scroll back to the where I was

And I have to do this seperately for every list (daily, weekly, monthly, all) even if it is the same score entry. 

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Yeah, the existing leaderboard management page on the GS dashboard is pretty dated. I could update it at some point in the future to be much more responsive.

Setting the default display mode (from your other thread) is definitely a lot simpler, I'll try to make some time for that next week.

As far as the option to allow only one entry per user, I could have that be a config option in the leaderboard setup.

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I was thinking of finding a another scoreboard service for my athletic games. But if options for one name/string per board and for default display are added, I don't need to.

I understand that new management tools is a bigger project!

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I've seen your athletic games on FlashGameDistrubition - they're built quite nicely! I've played a few of them, and thought the GamerSafe leaderboards looked great. That being said, I was slightly annoyed by the repeating entries (which is really common for you, as the gameplay only takes a few seconds), so hopefully we can get those features in for you (and everyone else) soon!

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Thanks, I would really appreciate it!

posted 2014-04-03T18:03:51-07:00

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Have you been able to look into it yet? Thats is, to be able to anly allow one name per board.

posted 2014-04-21T19:01:22-07:00