Saw this today

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Fricken Hamster

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I saw this today outside the restroom at curry house

posted 2013-12-21T11:54:27-08:00 | edited 2013-12-21T11:55:25-08:00

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What is it?

posted 2013-12-21T13:30:47-08:00

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hahah realm of the mad god. i remember playing that game just to try it. and after 3 hours i could not stop playing. @_@;

posted 2013-12-21T13:34:50-08:00

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How cute :)) 

posted 2013-12-27T04:43:36-08:00

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omg nice :D the devs need to know that :P

posted 2014-02-05T18:32:04-08:00