Video Game Characters before and now

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Before, for your character to stand out you have to make a unique character design. Now to get visibility you have to trick your players into thinking they're downloading their favorite character.

Megaman? Ninja Turtle?

posted 2013-11-30T14:06:09-08:00

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Megaman? Ninja Turtle?

I dont see it

posted 2013-12-02T14:50:32-08:00

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djstatika said:

Megaman? Ninja Turtle?

I dont see it

@djstatica: You serious?

@keybol: Yeah, in fact I was recently browsing for top platform games on mobile:

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You serious?

Yeah, would you really get that first one confused with megaman? or the 2nd with a ninja turtle?

that second one looks more like zool to me and I dont remember megaman not having a face, or just being a smooth white blue man wearing a neckerchief...?

Your example though is more obvious.

posted 2013-12-02T15:36:24-08:00

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bob the builder with a moustache?

posted 2013-12-03T12:22:51-08:00

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tho the OP examples are subtle but sure are there in a very small tinge, it is what's expected in a saturated market. Who isn't guilty on 'emulating' characters from our favorite videogame characters anyway? We humans tend to see patterns, so that could also be a factor when we judge things that we see.

As the legendary Masamune Shirow said: Nothing is truly original nowadays, what we can do, however, is patch and stitch things that inspire us to create something rather unique. (not exact line, but you get the idea.)

but then again, even big and famous devs/companies are quite guilty when it comes to ripping designs.

check it out:

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Kind of funny how all of our old favorites have been rebooted so many times that the throwbacks are starting to look original again.  I know I'm not the only one that did a double-take when the concept art for "Mighty No. 9" was unveiled.

posted 2014-02-27T22:27:43-08:00

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I wonder if this approach is being used commonly as a sort of visual shorthand for gameplay? If someone sees a character in overalls and a hat, do they expect a platformer?

posted 2014-04-17T21:27:12-07:00