How good does a unity game do

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Do they sell as well as flash??

posted 2013-11-23T16:42:22-08:00

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I am interested in that question as well !

posted 2013-12-13T23:39:23-08:00

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There's no market for them on FGL, out of the ~two dozen Unity games up for bidding, 1 has a bid for $200, and 1 has a bid for $500 with all mobile rights included.

posted 2014-01-08T10:16:03-08:00

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It is a bit difficult to directly compare the sale of HTML5 games with the sale of Flash games. With Flash games publishers are generally paying to get their branding into the game before it is spread across the web, so their generally treated as a marketing vehicle for the publisher's site. Since HTML5 games are generally sold as site locks (because they don't spread virally like Flash), there really isn't much reason for publishers to buy a Primary license in that market. Likewise, it's generally not in the developer's best interest to sell an Exclusive license, because more money can likely be made through multiple site lock sales over the life of the game.

As I understand it, HTML5 site locks go for approximately the same as their Flash counterparts and some games have earned devs $2k-$5k per HTML5 game through multiple licenses.

Flash and Unity may earn through a Primary license in addition to site lock sales, so a very high quality Flash game is likely to earn more than HTML5 games at this time. However, above average Flash/Unity games will likely earn about as much as an average HTML5 game will in today's market. Of course the quality will continue to rise in all markets, so all of this is in flux.

posted 2014-01-08T15:14:58-08:00

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Aaron I'd like to ask, is there any game made with Unity that sold really well through FGL ? and if yes, could you please tell us which one ? simply interested to see the quality requested for a good sale.

posted 2014-01-11T19:00:05-08:00

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I've sold a unity3d game to recently, but not via fgl unfortunately, not sure if the owner has an ID here... But I saw his post in unity3d forum that he's looking for unity games, so I contact him. Maybe fgl staff can contact him to join here :)

posted 2014-01-22T07:04:26-08:00

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Are WebGL based  games selling yet?

posted 2014-02-19T10:01:06-08:00

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I might try to make a unity game if thats the case.

posted 2014-02-27T14:28:10-08:00