I dont like to monkey around! I use a wired mouse.

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You heard right! 

posted 2013-06-26T01:53:23-07:00

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No tablet? :O

posted 2013-06-26T01:55:10-07:00

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i just got a tablet at a thirft store for 5 bucks, never been a fan of tablets though.

posted 2013-06-26T03:02:26-07:00

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Whats wrong with wired mouse? I find their more responsive anyway...

posted 2013-06-26T10:40:40-07:00
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My Razer Mouse agrees with you jj

posted 2013-06-26T10:42:28-07:00

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Wired Razer Naga here :)

posted 2013-06-26T12:40:10-07:00 | edited 2013-06-26T12:40:20-07:00
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ozdy said:

Wired Razer Naga here :)

Salmosa reporting in :D

posted 2013-06-26T12:50:07-07:00

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Is it uncommon to use a wired mouse? I prefer wired computer peripherals, as I'm sure a lot of others do as well. Razer Naga here.

posted 2013-06-26T21:07:49-07:00 | edited 2013-06-26T21:08:35-07:00

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I only use a wireless mouse.  But there are some developers her like to play pogs more than they like to make games.

posted 2013-06-26T21:09:26-07:00

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Logitech Trackman master race.

posted 2013-06-27T08:23:52-07:00

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Oldschool optical wired HP mouse here. I use a wired mouse, and a wireless keyboard. I find that the keyboard being wireless is nice for movie control from afar (volume, pausing, etc), but the mouse needs to be quick for games, and wireless just messes up too frequently. I DO have to situate my wiring in such a way that it doesn't get on my nerves though, as if there's the slightest "tug" from the position of the wire, I get rather irritated (perhaps because I used a wireless mouse for years).

posted 2013-06-27T08:43:41-07:00

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I use a USB wired mouse. I also have a Wacom Graphire 4 tablet. I might start using the little PS/2 converter to save myself a USB port.

posted 2013-07-01T02:44:32-07:00

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posted 2013-07-09T08:33:54-07:00

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I use wireless mouse for gaming and working. Wired keyboard for gaming and wireless keyboard for coding and stuff.
Never had a problem with wireless mouse, although I have the dongle connected to the keyboard so the signal is always strong + I don't have 20 wifi access points surrounding me.

posted 2013-07-09T08:41:38-07:00 | edited 2013-07-09T08:41:54-07:00

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Wireless when not at home, wired otherwise.

Wireless is just so much less hassle when moving around.

posted 2013-07-09T20:18:00-07:00

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posted 2015-03-23T11:47:29-07:00