Developer looking for a project ( AS3 / Haxe / Unity, designing / coding / porting )

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Hi ! :)

My name is Kristian Macanga, I am game designer & programmer with years of experience in game development.

I am looking for quality projects where I could work as a programmer, but I can also help with game design, and I have lot of experience with sponsors.

Until now I worked on 10+ projects that was sponsored by companies like ArmorGames, Newgrounds, Miniclip, and in most of them I was programmer and project manager, though I also have lot of experience with game design.
I have lot of experience with ActionScript 3, and currently I am also programming with HaXe which enables multi-platform development ( Flash, desktop, iOS, Android, HTML5 etc. ).

I can also port games from one language to another, I ported few games from GML and C++ to AS3. I am specially interested in porting AS3 games to HaXe.

As you can see below I have experience in all genres. I can also use Box2D / Nape. ( if interested I will show you one physics game I made few years ago, but it wasn't published )

Other skills : Unity, Photoshop, Fireworks, Unity, FlashDevelop, Audacity, writing ( moderate knowledge of English ).

Games :
Sudden Aviator :
Verge :
Crazy Over Goo :
Forget-Me-Not :

Making video games is my hobby that I turned into professional career, since little age I was playing video games, writing, and creating. I will work only on games that are fun and interesting to me.:)

You can contact me here or via :
Gmail :
LinkedIn :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Skype : xravenxiii

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Hi everyone !

I am again looking for new projects ! :)  

Check out my updated LinkedIn with lot of info about my games :

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If you are good gaming developer then i think you have to develop your own gaming site.

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nyda1 said:

If you are good gaming developer then i think you have to develop your own gaming site.

Web development and web monetization skills have almost nothing to do with game development - they're two very separate skills.

That comment aside, please refrain from reviving topics that are nearly 6 months old with no activity.

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Is anyone moderating this forum?

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I reported the scam yesterday... by the way, this is by far the most inappropriate scam i have seen on FGL. Do game devs have money to buy houses in first place? Good job stupid bot!

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