Anyone else based in Asia?

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Just out of curiosity. I know a few of you are over here, but not who exactly.

I live in Fukuoka, Japan. Amazing city. If anyone swings by this way I'll be happy to grab a bite and give them an orientation.

posted 2013-05-03T00:27:12-07:00

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I live in HK right now, however I travel. I plan to move to Japan next year sometime. I know a few people that also have FGL accounts and are from Asia, however most are from the Philippines and Indonesia.

posted 2013-05-04T09:06:43-07:00

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Really.. Shoot me a mail if you need any tips on getting yourself set up over here when you plan to come

posted 2013-05-04T09:15:51-07:00

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Would be nice to see that Japan place

I have an internship arranged for HK this summer, I currently live in Canada so I'm looking forward to travelling :D

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I currently live in Indonesia. Moved in from Los Angeles about 3 years ago.

I wonder if anyone else is from East Java, specifically Malang.

posted 2013-05-07T23:03:02-07:00

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I'm from the Philippines. I also would love to go to Japan, very nice place. I'm just concerned about the earthquake happening there quite often. But that's just me, still love to go there someday.

posted 2013-05-09T23:51:25-07:00

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Ah earthquakes are no biggie. I've been in loads. Sizeable ones, too. Most of the time it just feels like a big truck going by.

It's the thunderstorms that scare the crap out of me...never heard a sound like that of lightning striking just outside the window.

posted 2013-05-10T11:58:46-07:00

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Does Eur-asia count?

posted 2013-05-13T09:47:03-07:00

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i'm in indonesia too, and i live in malang :D

posted 2013-05-18T01:13:15-07:00

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I'm from the Philippines as well. And someday soon, I will definitely travel to Japan. My craft is about 80% inspired from their works. And also the reason why i am a dev and love gaming. it's from the wonderful things they created that inspired and forged me.

posted 2013-05-18T05:46:47-07:00

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Meh Indonesia too T_T

Wanna go to Japan to no matter how much earthquake will happen when I am there.

Btw, nice to meet ya all :D

posted 2013-05-20T02:28:30-07:00

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Lived in Japan and thought about Taiwan, but back in the Kwa now. Asia's no place for a Black man.

posted 2013-05-26T01:16:55-07:00

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Philippines here, and I love Japanese Porn

posted 2013-05-26T01:19:31-07:00

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^except when it's censored.

posted 2013-05-26T01:56:45-07:00

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japanese women are shifty, they like to do weird things in weird places.  aint to much of a problem but sometimes it can get weird.  i still to euro girls now, oh and hippies

posted 2013-05-26T15:39:12-07:00

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I agree with JJ, (*edit maybe) that's why you can't see any jap girls on chaturbate. The audience favs are euro girls. Anyway, kudos to Maria O.

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Yea, unfortunately much of Asia sees race as a significant factor in judging humans. If you're a White tourist, you are a lot more likely to get better treatment than if you were Black.

Even within my family, I've been mocked for having darker skin and refusing to use whitening products.

Studios in my country hire random White guys to star in TV shows and commercials, even those that have terrible acting and look awkward in front of the camera. People here are so obsessed with seeing a White person engaging in local cultural customs and being 'one of us'.

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How did this nice thread about living in Asia turn so negative?

posted 2013-05-27T00:29:30-07:00

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styxtwo said:

How did this nice thread about living in Asia turn so negative?

Heh, sorry about that. Guess it just domino'd from one slightly related topic to another. Hope this thread doesn't turn political.

Despite what I posted, though, most of Asia's still a pretty cool place to visit if you're prepared to deal with some odd cultural quirks. If you can afford flying abroad, there's a country for every price range. A lot of tourists come to South East Asia particularly because low costs mean more bang for your buck.

If I could afford it, I would visit Japan or South Korea for an awesome high-tech experience.

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It's not like Asia is fun for us whities either. Sure, in the beginning it is- any foreigner can get laid easy over here. But what happens after you want to settle? What happens when you fall in love but her parents are against it? After a while, you become the equivalent of some 'off-the-boat' immigrant and unless you want to teach English forever you have to overcome some major obstacles to make a life here.

Yet, for every imperator87-esque whiner I meet in the bars, there's the tale of the foreigner millionaire, who worked his way up from scratch and built businesses through hard work.

Other guys drink themselves to death and chase pussy forever.

For me its simple. Japan represents the clean, the friendly, polite, gaming culture, the humble, technology, delicious healthy food, AND the fun quirkiness. So rich or not, it's the best place for me. If 'one mans heaven is another mans hell' then I'd say that man needs an attitude readjustment. Embrace the weirdness, discard the persecution complex, and cut out your own path, like every real man should.

posted 2013-05-27T03:04:37-07:00