Macintosh users plz help

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Market Level 3Community Level 1
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I own PC so I can not test game on mac. I would appreciate if you test game or at least try to open it on your mac and tell me if it works. Thanks.

posted 2013-04-19T14:41:08-07:00

FGL AdminCommunity Level 5
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I would go ahead and post this question in the General Chat area too. It may get more attention there.

posted 2013-04-19T19:11:18-07:00

Market Level 3Community Level 10
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It opens on my Mac. Seems very laggy when typing your name and game name (and can it not just autogenerate those if you just want a quick game as guest?). Could not test gameplay as I was the only person playing.

posted 2013-04-21T00:06:07-07:00