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This forum is a place to post your indie game dev contests, your job opportunities, and so on. Community-driven contests go here too!

Remember, this is for active contests and challenges. Contests and events you announce here should have a specific start and end date. If your event doesn't have an end date, it probably belongs in some other forum! (E.g. "let's post art every day" would go in the art forum.) If you're doing repeat contests each month, make a new thread for each monthly contest.

Don't abuse your amazing powers: Any person who creates a thread in this forum has the ability delete other people's posts in their thread. We give you this power so you can keep your threads clean if you're doing sign-ups: you can have a "sign up for the contest here" thread, and when people post that they want to participate, you can add them to your list and delete their post. (And for similar administrative tasks.)

We don't want you to use these powers to delete discussion posts that you don't agree with. Please report those instead and we will delete them if we agree that they're derailing your discussion. If you abuse this power you will be turned into a newt.

Please keep this forum tight: no joke threads or off-topic stuff. Thanks!

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Don't forget to post in the Collaborations forum if you are offering your services or looking for an artist or musician.

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