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Hey, the FGL team would like to try moving all off-topic chat to this forum. This forum is for anything you'd like that's not game-development related. However, please keep it rated PG and remain professional at all times. (No attacks, NSFW, trolling, etc.)

Don't know what "professional conduct" is? Here's a good rule of thumb: If your mom would be shocked or embarrassed by what you say, you're not being professional enough.

EDIT: I'm trying to reduce the number of forums so it's easier for you to tell what's going on. What I've done is move everything from "User-Created Activities" into here, because most of the still-active threads were off-topic chatter.

I've removed the User-Created Activities forum because you can now use the Events forum to post your contest notices, giveaways, etc. That forum will now be called Events, Jobs, and Contests. And will be tightly monitored to only have relevant content. Off-topic stuff should go here!


posted 2013-01-11T22:18:30-08:00 | edited 2013-01-11T22:59:14-08:00

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I've also turned off the power for thread-creators to delete other peoples' posts here. Since it's supposed to be for off-topic stuff, that seemed like an inappropriate power. But I added that power to the Events, Jobs, and Contests forum, so if you want to do a sign-up list (and delete posts after you sign them up or something like that), it probably should be done over in that forum.

Or maybe I should just leave it turned on here. If you think it's still useful here, let me know.

Also: threads in this forum don't earn you Community Points by default. (But you can still give people extra community points if you like what they say!)

posted 2013-01-11T22:44:41-08:00

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FGL_Eric said:

Also: threads in this forum don't earn you Community Points by default.

so there are no community points for posting in this forum, both threads and posts ? This is not fair :P

posted 2013-01-12T07:01:25-08:00

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Correct. That's also how the old Community-Driven Activities forum worked, because it was mostly full of silliness.

posted 2013-01-12T08:46:39-08:00

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And really, I think that makes it more fair. You'll still get Community Points if others really like what you post, it just won't reward people for making pointless comments that do not add to the conversation in any way.

posted 2013-01-12T20:29:48-08:00

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Reminds me of this suggestion

posted 2013-01-31T20:46:14-08:00