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Hello fgl ! i want to know that is there any way to export the unity games in single swf file.I am a huge fan of unity and if u ask me i would say that unity is the ultimate for making games but for smart phones.

I tried to export unity game in swf but it attaches other files n folders with it and this creates hurdles for games to get viral on web.Even one cannot upload it on fgl for sponsorship as fgl asks for a single swf file.

If anyone of you have some method to export unity game in a single swf file then must share here

thank you

posted 2012-10-05T15:18:21-07:00

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I released a Unity game in a single swf awhile back, the way I did it was to embed the unity .swf into another "wrapper" .swf and load it as a byte array... This has the added benefit of making a "bridge" between your unity .swf and the outside world such that you can use various APIs, and you can also have a custom preloader.

If I remember correctly though(it was awhile ago when I did that game), unity should spit out a single .swf anyways(plus a .swc, but you only need that for communicating between a unity .swf and the outside world, AKA: the swf it spits out should run on its own anyways.).

Also, IMO, the biggest limiting factor of any unity generated .swf is that it requires wmode="direct", and that will hurt it's ability to go viral, and as such it's sponsor value, regardless of how many files it uses. The best way to make money from a unity game I think is to just focus on platforms other than flash for now, or wait until wmode="direct" is supported on more platforms.

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^ Yep, wmode direct is the reason why Stage3d, Starling etc, is a total bust.

Starling actually runs just fine even without wmode direct, but try telling that to sponsors when you've got a game up for bidding and you'll face an impossible task.

I really want to make an awesome game using that framework, but the current market just says "no". I'll have to self-sponsor to have any luck with releasing a stage3d game.

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