Which Icon is Better?

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Vittorio Del Bianco

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Another "which icon is better" thread. Smile

For my game, which one do you think is best?

Of course, any suggestions are welcome too!

1.1     2.2     3.3     4.4     5.5

posted 2012-04-29T18:02:52-07:00

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posted 2012-04-29T18:13:50-07:00

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1 but only because the text on 2-5 is pretty bleh.

posted 2012-04-29T20:55:30-07:00

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1, the rest are a bit too cluttered or have font that is too small to read. A version with the witch and no text could be quite good.

posted 2012-04-29T22:38:04-07:00

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I think 1 is bad. But on all the others, the text is horrible.

My favorite is really 3 or 5, but I suggest you try to make the text easier to read.

posted 2012-04-30T01:46:38-07:00

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1, the others r too tightly composed, very uneasy for my eyes. lol. too much goin on. :P

posted 2012-04-30T06:48:29-07:00

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I like 5, but the text is really bad, so I'll vote for 1

posted 2012-04-30T07:58:49-07:00

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I like the 5 and I no problem with the text

posted 2012-04-30T13:39:27-07:00

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The text is a bit jarring. I'd go with a slightly less saturated, slightly less bright shade of green for the text. Personally, I can't stand and would never use a thumbnail without the game title on it. If I have to choose between two games based on the icons, I want to know what the other one is called so I can come back to it. There have been several times I've been rating icons and seen a game I want to play but I accidentally click on it without pressing play, and then it's lost and takes ages to find it again. Also, if the game is removed from FGL, I'd never be able to find it, like this icon:

It looks great. The colours are well chosen and the icon looks like it leads to a very well polished, good looking game. I can't find it anywhere. It's not linked to a game on FGL (original must have been deleted) and since the text on there just says 'CR', I can't google it to find it on a different site. Titles on the icons are an absolute necessity, in my mind.

posted 2012-05-01T04:31:06-07:00

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The green is too bright!!

posted 2012-05-01T09:43:00-07:00

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the smoke on the 5th one is conflicting with the face. try making it a lot more subtle and making the area behind the text darker. that will make the text stand out

posted 2012-05-01T21:04:29-07:00

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I am not trying to be a dick, but I think you should make a new set, there not awful, but there is just was too much going on, and I know you can get a much better result. its real tough when the name is long... maybe just the witches face.

posted 2012-05-02T07:39:52-07:00

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I choose 5. But if you can change the color of the font then much better.

posted 2012-05-02T09:49:14-07:00
Vittorio Del Bianco

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Thank you all for the useful informations!

My artist is now working on your feedback to make new icons: i'll show the results in a new thread as soon as possible.

Thanks again guys.Smile

posted 2012-05-02T16:30:27-07:00