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04/16/12 Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation "open round" started (I'm in, between game developing that is)

For those curious or insanely eager to participate just visit

Hoping to see some FGL folks contribute too.  To the force!:)

posted 2012-04-19T13:47:25-07:00

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yea, and its a great topic too "discovering time travel". I kinda want to do something, but I will not have much time.

posted 2012-04-19T22:12:25-07:00

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I would love soo badly to take part in this!! Unfortunately I don't think I have time to juggle both animating and games right now.

As much as I like ABS, I'm glad to see this tournament has found a snug home on Newgrounds. I hope more people try out for the open round this year. I think they gave the tournament more exposure leading up to it this year.

posted 2012-04-19T23:46:37-07:00

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DeathInk, you need to enter. Your art is perfect for what Newgrounds likes, do it~

posted 2012-04-20T00:42:25-07:00