How to improve my icon?

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Hello, it is not a "choose the best icon thread" because I'm able to create only one icon...

So could you tell me what do you think about it and how to improve it?

posted 2012-03-19T23:09:31-07:00

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Right now, its pretty busy and the viewer is not certain where to focus their attention. Consider having the elements all point toward a particular element in the design, say the bomb or logo. Also, having the characters look at the element you choose will draw attention to it. Have the logo stand out more by using different colors (and dont use bauhaus font).

posted 2012-03-20T00:03:40-07:00

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Why cant you make more! if you need ideas here you go, Have that dude on the side in a throwing action and the bomb coming out of his hands then have "explode 'em all underneath the bomb area and going through a  bit of the dude.

posted 2012-03-20T08:20:00-07:00

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@Tyler: Ouah !!! That's why I'm only devlopper... I will try to apply chat I understood. ;-)

One question: why no bahaus font ??????

I'm not able to do more because I'm a very bad graphist and this icon took me a lot of work.

posted 2012-03-20T08:40:58-07:00 | edited 2012-03-20T08:47:13-07:00