Kizi Developer Competition Final Rules and Entries

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Only post entries on this thread!

Contest Rules:

  • 48 hours to create a game
  • Game must be delivered as one swf
  • AS2 or AS3 is allowed
  • Libraries and languages must be declared with entry
  • The theme needs to be central to the game

Game Rules

  • 60 second (or less) time trial
  • High Score based
  • Mouse Control Only
  • Family Friendly



  1. Upload your entry to FGL (make sure that 'Enable developer viewing' is selected)
  2. Post the link to your entry on this thread.
  3. List any libraries and/or tools you used in the creation of your entry.
  4. Entry thread will be locked at end of competition so allow for uploading and posting time.

Please post your entry in the following format:

Title: The Fantasticly Awesome Game
Instructions: Dodge the incoming widgets
3rd Party Libraries: Box2D
Programming language used: AS3


1st Place

  1. $500
  2. 10 video first impressions (50 First Impression credits)
  3. FGL Profile Badge
  4. 250 FGL community points

2nd Place

  1. $300
  2. 5 video first impressions (25 First Impression credits)
  3. 150 FGL community points

3rd Place

  1. $200
  2. 5 video first impressions (25 First Impression credits)
  3. 100 FGL community points

All participants who upload an entry

  1. 50 FGL community points
  2. 1 video First Impression (5 First Impression credits)


  • Judging will be done by Kizi and FGL.
  • Winners will be announced when judging is complete.
  • All entries will receive feedback from FGL and/or Kizi.

About Kizi

Kizi was created in 2010 by a group of game enthusiastic friends. Our mission is to provide the best casual gaming experience on the web. Our philosophy is that games should be instantly fun, family-friendly and hassle-free.

Since its launch, Kizi has grown to reach over 30 million players in 70 different countries. Our catalog of 300+ games has been played over half a billion times.Our developer partner program offers both funding and revenue-sharing for developers who are willing to incorporate Kizi coins in their games.

Kizi offers developers who are interested in implementing Kizi coins (a virtual currency) in their game revenue share and financing.

Good luck everyone!
Competition starts.. now. 

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Title: Rocket Powered Pirate Ship
Instructions: Arr, evade the islands while your pegleg is stuck on the turbo pedal.
3rd Party Libraries: GreenSock (TweenMax) and Rippler
Programming language used: AS3

Wow, first?

posted 2012-02-18T12:03:59-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T11:55:36-08:00

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Title: GlowDash

Instructions: Dash through a passage filled with crazy obstacles, and survive for 60 seconds to reach the finish line!

3rd Party Libraries: Unknown\none

Programming language used: Multimedia Fusion (AS3)


Game developed using Multimedia Fusion and SWF exporter by clickteam,

posted 2012-02-19T04:37:47-08:00

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Title: Jump to Pass
Instructions: Navigate the bouncing ball to pass over the road obstacles. There is the no way backward.
3rd Party Libraries: Z-Ground(My own mode7 engine).Tools: FlashDevelop, sfxr, GIMP.
Programming language used: AS3

posted 2012-02-19T05:17:47-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T05:34:14-08:00

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Title: The Passage
Instructions: Cick to jump, collect gold and avoid obstacles
3rd Party Libraries: none
Programming language used: AS2

still have to do bits and pieces, but by the 48 hour mark itll be done. now, to find sounds!

posted 2012-02-19T06:43:20-08:00

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Title: Kizi My Balls

Instructions: point and shoot in the allowed area

3rd Party Libraries: Box2D, TweenLite
Programming language used: AS3


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Title: Pixel Road

Instructions: Shoot down as many enemies as you can in the 60 second time limit. If they reach the end of the screen, points will be deducted. The bullets you shoot also cost points, so don't go rambo!

3rd Party Libraries: Greensock (TweenLite) and HiRes-Stats

Programming language used: AS3


posted 2012-02-19T11:44:07-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T11:45:02-08:00

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Title: The Ogre Pass

Instructions: Click & drag your villagers out of ogres way so that they won't be crushed. Also make them collect fruits on the way.

3rd party libraries: Box2D, AS3Signals

Programming language used: AS3


Other stuff: Music: Kevin Macleod, sprite graphics: first seed material, background graphics: me ;_;

posted 2012-02-19T14:02:30-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T14:12:23-08:00

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Title: Safe Passage

Instructions: Explore an evil cave for 6 golden orbs before time runs out! The character will go towards your cursor. Hold left click down to run.

3rd Party Libraries: TweenLite

Programming language used: AS3



Title: ClickSkill

Instructions: Click as many targets as you can in 60 seconds!

3rd Party Libraries: TweenLite

Programming language used: AS3



I was able to get both of these games done in the past 2 days. ClickSkill ~9 Hours, Safe Passage ~12 Hours

posted 2012-02-19T14:20:35-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T16:37:57-08:00

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Title: Pencil Bridge
Instructions: Build a bridge to save as many toys as possible while trying not to destroy them in the process.
3rd Party Libraries: Mochi Scores
Programming language used: AS3

posted 2012-02-19T14:40:59-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T22:27:49-08:00

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Title: Emoticon Blitz

Instructions:  Swap the emoticons to match 3 or more and collect as many as possible.

3rd Party Libraries: Mochi Scores

Programming Language Used: AS3


posted 2012-02-19T15:14:29-08:00

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Title: Happy Passage

Instructions: Use your mouse(hold and release) to generate happy zones,infect other people with happiness, make the passage full of joy!!

3rd Party Libraries: Box2D

Programming language used: AS3



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Title: Haphazard Platform

Instruction: push mouse button to jump your ship towards mouse position, careful not to jump at blank space, while jumping collect items as bonus score

3rd Party Libraries: none

Language used: AS2


posted 2012-02-19T17:00:39-08:00

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Title: The Late Torcher
Instructions: Get to the stadium in time for the cerimonial passing of the torch!
3rd Party Libraries: None
Programming language used: AS3

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Title: Portal(s): Seafood Edition

Instructions: Throw seafood in portals to get them home

3rd Party Libraries: TweenLite

Plu: AS3


posted 2012-02-19T17:06:03-08:00

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Title: The minute passage ... of blue pearls and death
Instructions: Get to the end of the passage in one minute, gathering pearls along the way.
3rd Party Libraries: none
Programming language used: AS2

posted 2012-02-19T18:11:56-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T18:13:48-08:00

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Title: Birds of passage 1945
Instructions: There are two phases in game . At first you need to build your defences, and then click "play". Click on the 'trap' to enable it.

3rd Party Libraries: Flashpunk, SpriteLib by Ari Feldman.
Programming language used: AS3

Feedback would be appreciated.

posted 2012-02-19T19:39:20-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T23:52:04-08:00

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Title: Shaolin Panda: Passage To Awesomeness
Instructions: Drag the mouse to control gravity. Click (tap) on the screen to release it from the ground and make it fall. You must direct your panda into collecting all of the stars and then passing through the cave opening in order to move on to the next level.

The game encompasses the Passage aspects in multiple ways, First, it relates to physical movement/passage through environment. Secondly it refers to "day passage" since the levels are oriented around the idea of sun passing and setting. Moreover, the game's purpose is to advance to a cave passage that opens only once all the stars and score gets collected.

Controls: Use your mouse only to control the environment and to release (jump) the panda.

High score: This game is high score based - it requires the player to collect the stars which boost up the score which allows the panda to open the passage and get through to the next level.

3rd Party Libraries: None
Programming language used: AS3

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Title : Cave Escape

Instructions : Escape the cave before it collapses.

3rd Party Libraries : None

Programming Language used : AS3

Link :

posted 2012-02-19T20:54:53-08:00

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Title: Mecha Hurdle

you are in a revolutionary type of mech , capable of adapting several forms when eating lots of metal...                collect metal to transform your mech into several vehicles, and pass trough several obstacles to reach the exit!

Programming Language used: Unity3D (c#) 

3rd Party Libraries: None


posted 2012-02-19T20:58:32-08:00 | edited 2012-02-19T22:12:37-08:00