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My and my team decided to start working on a mmorpg based on our single player Abandon tomorrow and i would love some feedback on my art stuff like what to animate what to add to look more cyberpunk and scifi but to keep a certan spot for reality chek like "very posible future" and have that retro look


The left side gona be the first city wiev(will be mouse interactive) and the other side are some NPC from the game (some you can hire some you can buy stuff from bla bla i was thinking of using that for main menu)

PS: excuse my bad english , none of our team know english very well

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I like the art man. Good job on how you made those characters. Welcome to FGL!

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Awesome... Is this inspired in William Gibson's Neuromancer? If so, the sky needs to be "the color of television, tuned to a dead channel". Just kidding, but Maybe you need add some texture to the sky, maybe some pollution, a sun or some giant buildings. I don't know, but it looks a little empty. Maybe its because I always imagine distopic futures cluttered, like in Bladerunner.

Great art, can't wait to see it finished.

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Thank you


I did not playd neuromancer but i saw some vids on the youtube , the sky turning like a dead tv is a very good ideea i think il usit it for the virtual world, as fot the sky in this pic yes you are right it is a litle to generic i think il add a animation of day/night changes also all cars will be animated and when mouse over a building it show building info and you may enter it . Also main inspiration for my work is indeed blade runner , i love that movie also if you liked this game concept of mmorpg you may chek the singleplayer version to cause we gona keep some things from the singleplayer version(you can chek it from my fgl profile)

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Love it!

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I'm talking about the novel, not the videogame. I can't believe you haven't read it. I saw your single player game trailer, I can't understand how it can be full of references from a book you haven't read. It's like making a game about orcs, elfs and hobbits in a wasteland called "Mordor" without knowing what is the Lord of the Rings. A couple of years ago I asked a game designer:

-Have you palyed D&D?

-The arcade game?

-No, the roleplaying game, with books and dices...

-Did they write books from the videogame?

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I did not do the text only the main plot and world design , text was done by KBLACK , and about the others yes i played D&D, arcade i playd aloooot of games , yes i actualy made a few p&p games myself he he he

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Look great but i agree on the emptiness of it. Maybe you can add some birds or moving clouds

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Roger, day/night changes , animated cars, animated lights on buildings, clouds of stor at night, a desert sun during day with some birds

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Really good job, I love the retro style!

I'll keep an eye on this for the final result..

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Wow, it really give a unique mood to it, well done.

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Man, every game girl has a nice rack these days. Anyway, she looks very 'punk'. The cyborg looks pretty bitchin too!

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Thank you, we will start working on mmorpg in 2 weeks , i think project will last between 3-5 months cause the single player last 3 months


Thank you :)


Tnx looool 

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Why is the girl wearing so few clothes?

I do like your flying cars, they look really believable.

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I decided to change next project into a side view shooter 

Until now i made selection screen and i am working for the 2d character, only hand and 2 weapons 

Finishd torso and head , but head i think il modify to look more scifi


Opinions sugestions and constructive criticism are wealcomed & apreciaded

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If anyone ever criticizes your work, he's either a troll, or has absolutely no artistic sense

Your art is absolutely amazing, and I'd suggest you never give up on making flash games, as you could get very big money with your skills

posted 2011-01-18T20:20:41-08:00

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WoW , lol thank you

Update last prewiev of art from this part of game

Maybe some sugestions for interactive objects ?

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I feel the background elements are a little too bright to be set in the background. you could tone them down a bit, and that would give you the chance to add some lights, like windows or something. Right now they are floating.

posted 2011-01-18T23:17:56-08:00

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Those background elements were just for test, here is a part of mission 1 map(game gona have only 5 maps, i want a traditional shoot em up with some nice upgrades and tweeaks)

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I like your style very much, there's just one little mistake that I can't keep seeing, it's that's guy who is half bionic (Samolxe 209), it would simply be awesome if his bionic eye would be at the same level as his normal eye.


Good work man! :)

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