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Contact name: Erin Doherty
Email: edoherty@rezulttechnology.com

Job Qualifications:

  • BS in Computer Science (or equivalent field) preferred
  • 3 years experience with Flash with expert-level skills in ActionScript 2.0 and/or 3.0, including functions, arrays, sending/loading XML, global variables, movie clips and other built-in objects.
  • Portfolio of high-end creative expertise of interactive web applications and/or websites.
  • Must have experience with GAMES
  • Strong teamwork skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both written and oral, at all levels to various technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Knowledge of software design patterns and ActionScript Best Practices.
posted 2010-11-16T16:26:39-08:00

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Telecommuting? Full Time?

posted 2010-11-16T17:23:16-08:00

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something about their company would be nice as well.

posted 2010-11-16T18:10:14-08:00 | edited 2010-11-16T18:10:22-08:00

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I think their site has some information about them. And also at the jobs page there is a small explanation about the job.


posted 2010-11-16T18:46:35-08:00

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Wow! These guys are like 25 minutes away from me :D

posted 2010-11-17T03:42:05-08:00

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I think they're just a staffing agency, their office might not be where the job is based.

posted 2010-11-17T15:00:46-08:00

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Where is the company located?  What positions are available?

posted 2010-11-17T19:57:10-08:00

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I only have experience with lowercase games. :(

posted 2010-11-17T20:02:28-08:00
Francesco DAndrea

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If you need custom soundtrack and audio design:


On the website and my linkedin you can listen to my works and read a detailed chronological resume, as well. Thank you.



posted 2010-11-23T12:50:58-08:00

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Seems like every job out there requires a goddamn degree in Computing. Don't these guys realise that most of the best coders/art genius's are drop-outs? *points at self* They don't go to class because they're too busy inventing the next Facebook.

posted 2011-01-30T16:51:46-08:00

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Seems like every job out there requires a goddamn degree in Computing.

For recognized developers I doubt they'll really look at their degrees, but when its someone new or without much recognition, generally its the way of knowing they have enough skill to do the work.

posted 2011-01-30T18:53:35-08:00