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**Update: For the most recent news on the Indie Giving package and event, please visit the informational page here:**


Hey everyone,

So here's an update to the Indie Giving event. (see original post here).

After reading the responses and talking with other developers it seems like there is a lot of interest in the event.  However, we have to be sure we have enough in order to get the group rates on everything. 

So, I want you to reply to this thread if you are 95% (or more) sure you are going to take this offer up.  Merely reply with "Yes" and "Single" or "double"... single meaning you want a room to yourself, and double if you are willing to share a room. 

I've updated the package a little and you can see the details below.  Also, payment to secure your spot will be December 1st.  At that point I will drop all names from the list who have not paid. Feel free to pay before that date, of course.

- Hotel accommodations for Friday 2/25, Saturday 2/26, and Sunday 2/27

- Free FGS ticket

- all meals covered for Saturday housebuilding event

- travel to and from Saturday event (from hotel)

- a $20 BART ticket

- 2 t-shirts

- dinner Saturday night will be provided at a "get together" event sponsored by AddictingGames and Shockwave

- opportunity to drastically change someone's life for the better

- other perks I am working on

This package will cost $250 for single occupancy or $125 if you are willing to share a hotel room.

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Aethos Games

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Single please :D

posted 2010-10-25T17:51:12-07:00

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I've already purchased my ticket but is there a way I can still come and help out on Saturday?

posted 2010-10-26T02:06:18-07:00

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Of course.  Would you also need the hotel and other things?  Right now I'm just trying to lock in the bulk rates for things like hotels.  After we have a full load of people I'm sure we'll have space for at least a few more people for Saturday.

posted 2010-10-26T02:23:44-07:00

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I'll be there, from Italy!

Double room (2 pax), 2 tickets. and a lot of perks!

posted 2010-10-26T08:09:38-07:00
Unlikely Heroes (abcdef)

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I'm in the same boat as DVGMusic. I bought my ticket already, but would love to help out with being a hero.

posted 2010-10-26T12:11:15-07:00

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Yes, Double, I plan on saying from friday till after GDC. It'll be great to meet you guys!! I'll be buying my ticket's soon, for the national flights, International flights I may buy later.

posted 2010-10-26T23:33:25-07:00

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Yes, Double.

posted 2010-10-26T23:37:38-07:00

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Really cool idea! So is the deals/savings for just FGS and Friday/Saturday hotels?  I saw a post over on TIGSource that mentioned something about GDC and I wasn't sure if you were also extending any deals on that conference or on hotels for the week.

Where is the hotel located?

posted 2010-10-27T20:46:22-07:00

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We're still working on the details, I have several bids from hotels right now.  It is very possible we can get the rate for the entire week.  If it is going to be anywhere near GDC and be able to hold enough people (big enough hotel) it looks like the rate is going to be around $100 a night (half that if you are rooming with someone, of course).  That isn't a HUGE savings, but it isn't bad for the area.  We are also working on getting more to put into the package with the hope we can offer quite a few things, but for now what is listed is what is in the "core" package.

posted 2010-10-28T03:19:12-07:00

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Definitely a cool idea. I'm interested but not quite ready to commit yet (sorry). I only stumbled across this from a FB post and could easily have not known about it. If you want to get more dev interest you should promote it more!

posted 2010-10-28T22:57:51-07:00

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Hey Gordon, thanks.  Yeah we're still in the phase of setting this up so we're not heavily promoting it yet.  I think we'll start ramping that up shortly though as we have most of the core details coming together now.  Would be great to have you involved so let me know if/when you are ready to commit :)

posted 2010-11-01T17:06:07-07:00

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Ok everyone, we now have 15 people signed up.  Be sure to let me know if you haven't already if you want to come!  I'm going to be using some other channels to promote this soon, but I wanted the FGL community to have first dibs on this opportunity.

Also, if there is a reason you can't take advantage of this, but would like to, let me know.  What could I add to this that would make you want to do this?


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Double! :)

posted 2010-11-16T08:57:59-08:00

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I would like to do this with you guys. I have been meaning to get out to the last few but I couldn't budget the trip. My fiance would like to make the trip as well, but I don't know what the hotel situation is like and I don't want to ask for two slots, we can talk about it on AIM if it's complicated, Chris.

Edit: I'll just email you and figure it out!

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double means 2 beds, right?

posted 2010-11-24T00:24:31-08:00

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I sent and email but thought I would post here too. Totally into this idea!

I am down for sharing a room with some other silly person!

posted 2010-11-24T13:29:40-08:00

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I already bought a ticket but i know i wanna party in sf and not drive back across the bay bridge.  Is there any way i can sign up for this even though i already have a ticket?  How much would it be?

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I would like to do this! How do I sign up? By buying a ticket?

Oh and double!

posted 2010-11-27T00:30:15-08:00 | edited 2010-11-27T00:32:18-08:00

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Hey guys, I wrote a long post responding to most of the questions here but then I did something dumb and lost it all.  So, I'll give a short answer then get back to you all later

First, I apologize to you who have emailed me, I've been out for the holiday and I'll get back to everyone tomorrow.

jjwallace, it is fine if you already have a ticket, but the package price will remain the same

redjester, by posting here you are already reserving a slot.  However, to officially sign up you'll need to send us a payment for the package.

posted 2010-11-28T16:49:36-08:00