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Hey guys, I've just been promoted (or is it demoted) to Admin for the Music & Sounds Forum. I'm excited about helping usher in a new era of the forum where we can discuss technique, theory, application, gear or anything else audio as it pertains to games. I'd love to hear from developers and coders about how Flash works with audio as well. DIYers are welcome to share thoughts as well.

I'd like to keep this forum as open as possible, but I would like to set some new expectations and ground rules:


  • Outright advertising or marketing. If all you have to say is, "I make music for games, give me money" please post on the collaborations forum. Any such thread or post on this forum will be moved.
  • Over the top self promotion. This one is tricky so I'll use a pretty big sieve.
  • Overtly aggressive behavior to other posters.
  • Trolling or flaming. Keep things civil.


  • Introduce yourself and/or your company in the introduction thread.
  • Ask questions, everybody. No matter your skill level, you can always learn something new.
  • Be respectful. There are a lot of things to disagree about in music and audio, that doesn't mean it  has to devolve into two dogs yipping at each other.
  • Only comment on gear, techniques, etc. that you have DIRECT experience with. The only exception to   this are questions with no clear answers (such as, "what amp did Slash use to record Appetite for Destruction?"). Even then site a resource.
  • Break down your projects, show how they were made. "Monday morning quarterback" responses to these threads will be on a short leash.
  • If you have a specific budget and a specific need, gear questions are fine. Example, "what's the best mic to record classic rock with a Fender Champ that won't cost me over $150?" Beware that answers to  these questions will be very subjective.

I hope that we, collectively, can make this a great forum. Please feel free to comment or request additions to these ground rules.

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Forum guidelines were changed just a bit.

I chastised someone someone recently about not getting their point across because of their wording being way too strong. Then I realized I was doing the same, exact thing with these guidelines.

This is somewhat of a "living document" so I might change it time to time due to suggestions or need.

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