FGL Development Competition 5 & 6 (Details and Rules) - 13.03.10 @ 1900 GMT

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It’s been too long since our last competition, so here it is, the 5th and 6th FGL developer competitions! Only this time it’s slightly different to what you’ve been used to in the past.


In past competitions, we would supply a theme, and give you a certain amount of time to complete a game based on that theme. Well this time, we’re going to supply you with the graphics. We will be supplying a number of assets you can choose from, and an animation, and your task is to make a game using them! You can use your own graphics too, of course, but like the theme competitions, your rating will depend on how well you use the graphics we provide you with.

You’ll notice that I’ve put 5 & 6. This is because we are actually going to be hosting two competitions for the same graphics. One short one, which will be the usual 24 hour time limit, and one long competition, in which you will have a month to complete the game. The short competition will have the usual prizes, FIs and Community Points, while the long competition will have tastier prizes, such as T-shirts and cash prizes!

Code Reuse and 3rd Party Libraries

While you can use any libraries you choose (including your own), you will only be judged on your own work so please state exactly which libraries you have used, what it does, etc. Reusing old templates, online tutorials, etc. are not allowed for this competition. The game should be as much your own original work as possible.

We are giving you a pretty constraint-free competition this time; you can use any actionscript version you like, and you don't have to implement any particular APIs. As long as it's in flash, follows the theme, and is your own original work made within the time limit, we'll judge it.

Judging Criteria

The game needs to show clearly how the graphics we have provided you with have been used in the core gameplay, and how effectively they have been used to create an end result. Each game will be scored 1-10 on each of the criteria mentioned below, and tallied to give a total score out of a maximum 43 points. The top three games will be scrutinised further to determine the rank amongst them. Your game will be judged on:


  • How well did the game make use of the graphics?
  • How good was the gameplay?
  • How much fun was it?
  • How original was it?
  • Bonus points (1-3): The implementation and good use of Gamersafe



24 Hour Competition


  • 1st place - 500 Community points, 20 First Impressions
  • 2nd place - 250 Community points, 10 First Impressions
  • 3rd place - 150 Community points, 5 First Impressions
  • Each participant - 50 community points


1 Month Competition 


  • 1st Place – 1000 Community points, 30 first impressions, Bidding Spotlight, FGL t-shirt, $200 cash
  • 2nd Place – 500 Community points, 20 first impressions, Bidding Spotlight, FGL t-shirt, $100 cash
  • 3rd Place – 250 Community points, 10 first impressions, FGL t-shirt
  • Each participant – 100 Community points


How to enter

The entries threads for both competitions will be created in the events forum on Saturday 13th March at the starting time (1800 GMT). This topic will also reveal the graphics. You will need to post in the topic with your name, and which competitions you are entering for (you can enter both!). Once you have made your game, you can edit your post and add the link of your game to it.

Participants should upload their entries to FGL (ensuring that 'Enable developer viewing' is selected) and post a link to the game in the entries thread before the end of the 24 hours, or the month, depending on which competition . Any submissions after the deadline will not be entered into the competition.

I'll check the entries as they come in to make sure they work, but the thread will be locked at the finish time, so make sure you leave enough time to upload and post! The full results will be posted 1-2 days after the competition. Also, please note that we may not be able to send the FGL tshirts to certain countries out of our reach.

Start and End times


24 Hour competition

This competition will start on Saturday 13th March at 1900 GMT, and end on Sunday 14th March at 1900 GMT.

1 Month Competition

This competition starts on Saturday 13th March at 1900 GMT, and ends on Saturday the 10th April at 1900 GMT.



Good luck to all participants!


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looking forward this!

posted 2010-03-02T01:23:44-08:00

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This is going to sound a bit greedy, but can we get bonuses if we release the source code? Maybe like an extra 50 community points or 1-5 first impressions?


I know I love open source projects.

posted 2010-03-02T04:06:54-08:00

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Sounds very very nice :) Looking forward to participate.

posted 2010-03-02T12:12:23-08:00

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Awesome! Looking forward to it. :-)

One question though, what will be the license on the graphics after the competition is over? Can I freely sell licenses of the game I entered without changing the graphics?

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Yes, as usual you will be able to sell your game after the competition is over. 

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All Right, its go Time!!!!

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Awesome! Seriously awesome. :D

"Yes, as usual you will be able to sell your game after the competition is over."
So there will be like 10 gamesfor sale with equal graphics? :p

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DudeJonne said something that worries me. What if the games on bidding spotlight get released and plays notice the graphics? It will be bad, you know that players are stupid and they don't think "Oh, this game was for a competition, nice!".

BTW, I'm in on the 1 month competition =)

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Noob question : what is "bidding spotlight" ?

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Woo!  Looking forward to this.

posted 2010-03-02T19:16:30-08:00

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Good news!

I'm working on a comisioned project but at least I hope I can enter the 24 hour contest.

About 3rd Party Libraries, one question: Any problem if I use Flixel?

posted 2010-03-02T20:37:03-08:00

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Hmm......... contest sounds fun, but I doubt, even if I win, i will be able to sell the game(or that the game will be sucessful)... theres gonna be a lot of games with the same art, but it will still be fun to play.

posted 2010-03-02T23:38:44-08:00

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....Alright, so I think I got last place in another dev. competition... 4th one, I think... (as ONew)?


Regarding tutorial-using, since I'm a complete n00b in flash, could I use tutorials to add to individual components of the game? That is to say, not use the tutorial to make the game (I'm looking at you, pong clones >:O), but rather, to add to my understanding of coding...? Would that be allowed...?


If it isn't, my game's probably going to look like a bunch of graphics stuck together with no real purpose in front of a messed up jumble of code.

posted 2010-03-03T01:49:31-08:00

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For those concerned with not being able to sell your games because they have the same graphics as other games - if your game doesn't sell, you can always put your own graphics in after the competition and try again!

posted 2010-03-03T04:42:02-08:00

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Its a shame that the 24 hour competition is on Mothers Day. I don't think that my wife and mother of my child would be very happy with me locked in a room all day. I'm disappointed, I would have liked to enter that. I will be giving the month long competition a shot though.

posted 2010-03-03T09:42:10-08:00

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This competition sounds like it would be perfect for DanielMartin since he's so used to making several games with the same graphics... ;) (just kidding Daniel, we're very excited to have sponsored your last game Good Bye Green)

Can sponsors participate as well? I've always wanted to make a game of my won.

If nothing else, I can incentivize by promising to take a very good look at the top 3 games coming out this competition for sponsorship.

/ Lars

posted 2010-03-03T10:37:20-08:00

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Daniel Martin don't code, Lars :P .

Whoooa, you make a game? Sounds interesting! As long as you don't use king's reinforcements :P .

posted 2010-03-03T10:43:30-08:00

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Wow... nice.. but it'll be difficult for me cz i'm just a beginner.. XD

posted 2010-03-03T11:48:40-08:00