Where to find artists?

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I've never had good experience with DA, so besides FGL and FGA, where else would one go to find Artists for these types of projects?

posted 2009-12-31T09:43:32-08:00

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conceptart.org got the most top knotch, though aware that those quality art worked in days length.

posted 2009-12-31T10:43:27-08:00

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Hey! I am a co-founder of a design, concept art, illustration company. And our goal is working in game projects with our good point - Art. 

We want to offer gaming art services for all game markets.

You can check a portfolio with some of our works in the link: www.tawdesign.com.br

Sorry about the "building" site. And feel free to contact us at contato@tawdesign.com.br !

or my personal e-mail: lucasjock@gmail.com

It will be a pleasure to work with you, guys. And it's always a pleasure to work with games! : )

posted 2009-12-31T15:05:33-08:00

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Also you can check out sites like http://www.pixeljoint.com or http://www.wayofthepixel.net/pixelation/index.php for good pixel art.

posted 2009-12-31T17:41:38-08:00

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If you are willing to pay in cash right away, you can use www.freelancer.com They have an art section but you need to be willing to pay at LEAST 150$

posted 2010-01-01T00:11:33-08:00

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I don't recall that seeing as I've seen some people offering $30.

posted 2010-01-01T00:30:50-08:00

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Maybe it was in only the programming section, but from what I remember, each project has a price range and the lowest is 150-750$

posted 2010-01-01T01:35:54-08:00

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I'll check out those links.  Thanks.  :-)

Yeah, the problem is finding people willing to work for % of sponsorships.  I think most of us have been burned once or twice doing "I'll pay you when it's done" jobs, especially on the internet.  I understand the reluctance.

posted 2010-01-01T09:28:31-08:00

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There are a lot of flaws on % on sponsorship:

  • what if game doesn't sell?
  • what if game sell low?
  • what if game sell high while one party doesn't really do much?

Obviously it is always better to pay direct when they done the assets. Have you consider to make some games with free stock photos or programmer art to get some money for artists?

posted 2010-01-01T09:30:43-08:00

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Unfortunately, the kind of games I'm making don't really lend themselves to stock photos or programmer art.  I come from the mainstream gaming industry, having worked on PC, Wii, XBox 360, etc., so I tend to think big, I think, compared to most flash games.  There are ups and downs to that, but it's what I want to do, and in the end, that's all that really matters...  even if I cant find artists.  :-)

posted 2010-01-01T09:42:52-08:00
game4tress (m0ont28a)

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Well, although i'm a developer and a 3d artist, for my own projects and stuff


I would agree to work for %, but with certain guarantees, of course. My only problem is time

posted 2010-02-18T12:39:21-08:00

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Steven, you might be interested workin with HardCircle if he is interested. Its nice person to talk to- and he do business, not just mess around starting project with people and abandoning them in mid of it, so it would be most reliable if you want to actually finish game, with quality art :) I think he worked with Benologist if im correct - and that speaks for itself :)

posted 2010-02-18T14:40:14-08:00

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posted 2010-02-20T14:26:12-08:00

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Mehled, thanks for the suggestion.  I've been in touch with HardCircle and was impressed.  It's quite possible I'll work with him in the near future.

posted 2010-02-26T21:57:40-08:00

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I recommend this freelance job board: https://www.xplace.com/. There are a lot of great digital artists waiting for an interesting project. If you still in need of them, please, register and post a job opportunity on this online marketplace - I'm sure you won't be disappointed with the services. The board is commission-free. 

posted 2017-01-13T03:55:21-08:00