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This is a place for sponsors to post their job opportunities: full time positions, contract work, etc. If you have a job you'd like to advertise here, please contact us!

posted 2008-06-10T19:28:02-07:00

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Interesting. I'd like to see some game ideas being posted by sponsors, and developers offering to take them on.

posted 2008-06-10T19:54:01-07:00

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Good idea. It would be neat to see sponsors request site specific games, with their logos as characters (like the crazymonkeygames monkey or somewhere like that).

posted 2008-06-10T20:08:58-07:00

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FGL becoming greatest place for flash gamedev.

admit it guys: you'r going to take over world of flash games.

this going to be interesting year...

posted 2008-06-10T21:37:34-07:00 | edited 2008-06-10T21:38:00-07:00

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Why stop at taking over the world of flash games? I say take over the entire world.

posted 2008-06-22T23:40:19-07:00

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We'd need alot of programmers and artists to take over the entire world! And redesign it, IN FLASH.

posted 2008-06-23T05:05:18-07:00

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That's a lie, it's a predefined function. Macromedia hid it in flash 8 before selling to Adobe, it was a defensive measure.


done :)

posted 2008-07-21T05:07:09-07:00

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Hello everybody

out website needs a multiplayer Domino game  2,3 and 4 players.

while the graphics don't have to be awsome, it has to looks good, but mostly be easy to play.

the game should allow players to communicate with eachother, mainly by writting messages, and a plus if they can use their mic and webcam.

there needs to be different rooms (tables) so that people can start playing when there are 2 or more.

we need proposals with the cost so that we can get the game approved.


thank you.


posted 2008-09-05T01:02:25-07:00

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Me and a friend will make monopoly-like game... If you are interested... PM me.

posted 2008-10-19T01:23:04-07:00

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i have a fun and simple car game!

posted 2008-10-19T10:13:07-07:00

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Hmmm FGL, The next big thing in flash development. I might stick around.

posted 2008-10-26T04:41:45-07:00

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working on a bunch of games, hope to get sponsored

posted 2009-04-08T09:20:14-07:00

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Holy shit, Talk about bringing back the dead jjwallace. Look how long that past of was of myn... feel so old

posted 2009-05-18T06:43:06-07:00

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What Lol?

posted 2009-05-18T15:05:13-07:00

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Based in beautiful Quebec City, Canada, Frima is actively looking for talented Actionscript Programmers & Flash Developers to fill full-time, permanent positions. Please apply only if you can work on location.

The Senior Flash programmer is responsible for the development and optimization for our web-based games. The position would require programming and integrating game elements. He (she) would oversee the work of the other programmers and act as a leader within the team. He works also closely with the Project Manager, Game directors and Artist.

Currently at 220+ employees, Frima is the second largest independent gaming company in Quebec and one of the fastest growing company, all industries considered. Since its creation in 2003, Frima has developed several Massively Multiplayer Online Games as well as many high quality casual games for high-profile brands such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, Family Guy, South Park and more.


Applicants can send their resume and technical demos to jobs@frimastudio.com or visit our web site at www.frimastudio.com

posted 2009-06-08T16:53:35-07:00 | edited 2009-06-08T16:54:38-07:00

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Sounds pretty awesome.

I'd apply if I lived In Canada. XD

posted 2009-08-21T20:14:04-07:00

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I'm in Canada, but the west coast (Vancouver)! :( d'oh!

posted 2009-08-21T20:48:47-07:00

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I don't live too far from Quebec, too bad I'm 16 :\

posted 2009-08-21T21:05:24-07:00

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What a coincidence, so am I. :)

Congrats on being awesome at such a young age.

posted 2009-08-21T22:15:54-07:00

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Awesome :3

Thank you !

posted 2009-08-21T22:43:15-07:00